'86 GN - turnkey - setup for cruising or mid 11s

Dan SS2471

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Dec 12, 2008
Thinning the herd and also looking to start a new TB project so I'm selling the GN to make some room. Car is located in NJ.

Here's the scoop:

Engine (rebuilt with the following. Has about 6,500-7k on the clock now):

- .020 forged JE pistons
- 204/214 flat tappet cam
- ported stock heads (Brosnonian) held on with ARP bolts and Cometics.
Re-torqued a couple of months / less than 500 miles ago.
- steel mains
- double roller timing set

other good stuff:

- Precision 6776 BB 'S' cover - March 2010
- Precision SLIC - March 2010
- Razor's Alky - March 2011
- 60# mototrons.
- hotwired Walbro 340
- 3" LT1 MAF w / trnsltr
- TT chip - non-Alky...Alky chip included
- 160* t-stat with billet neck
- Caspers cam sensor cap
- 3" ATR downpipe
- Turbonetics Evolution wastegate with bleeder under the hood (RJC boost
controller included as well)
- test pipe with cutout
- Hooker 2.5" catback


- Rebuilt 200 By Michael's Trans - all billet parts - built for high 10s -has about 20 passes on it and overall about 2,000 miles. Pro Torque 3200 LU. Done in March 2009.
- loop
- trans cooler


- Scanmaster 2.1
- Casper's Knock / Autometer Boost (30#) pillar gauges
- Autometer Oil pressure / Water temp console gauges
- Comes with Directscan / laptop and modded ECM.


About 6,500 - 7,000 miles

-Savitske Classic and Custom Stage 2 Street Comp with lightweight adjustable upper a-arms
-Eibach springs
-Koni adjustable shocks
-completely rebuilt f/e with polygraphite bushings and Global West adjuster sleeves and Del-a-lum lower a-arm bushings
-front frame braces (F-41 braces)
-rear seat braces
-1" Spohn rear sway bar.
-lowered about 3" front, 1.5" rear.
- rebuilt G80 rear


- All fillers are fiberglass. Replaced new in July 2009.
- Running 26" MTs - 65 - 70% tread
- a/c blows ICE COLD
- F-body aluminum radiator
- Converted to vacuum brake system
- aluminum rear drum brakes with sticky shoes.
- p/w, pdl, tilt wheel
- power driver's seat
- SonyCD player
- buickgn.com billet shifter handle


- driver's door lower hinge. I replaced the pins...didn't do the job. Door closes ok but is a little sloppy.
- paint and ding repair. definite 20 footer.
- c-clip elims, beefy u-joints and axles if you wanna turn up the boost and be really safe.

Chassis has 136,283 miles. Carfax is clean. I'd give the interior a 7.5 - 8 outta 10. Small tear on the driver's seat. Minor surface rust on the bottom of the doors.

Overall the car is turnkey. Runs and drives very well. I've gone on 300 mile road trips without issue. Cruise it around town or drive it down the quarter. It's setup for both. I've made about 20 passes on it in it's various stages of upgrading and have had no issues with it. It's gone a best of 11.65 @ 114 with a 1.6 60'. 21#s of boost running rich and low timing. Turn up the boost and play with the fuel and timing and you probably have a low 11 / high 10 second pass with all the supporting mods (but no roll bar). It's built for it.

I paid 10k for the car in '09 and have close to 8k in it in upgrades. Asking $14,000 OBO. Not looking for trades.

Have plenty of pics available or can take on request. Here are a few.


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Test drove another TB yesterday. Need to sell this or my SRT-8.

New price - $13,000 obo

Forgot...also comes with these two AR Outlaw Is (center caps included). Perfect condition. Tires not included. I used them to mount Mickeys until I transferred the tires over to the GN rims earlier this year.

Definitely. I'll work on taking some in the next day or so.

Here's somewhat of a shot but again, I'll take better, more specific undercarriage shots and post.


Here are pics from when I did the fillers:









What suspension parts did you use to lower it? I assume you changed the springs. Nice stance!!!

Nice car, btw. Tasteful mods. Good luck.

Previous owner (Aaron - RAMAIR1) did all of the suspension work but all of the parts he used are up top in my initial post.

$12,500 thru New Years. Looking to purchase another TB in the very near future and need room.
Here's me (courtesy of phillyturbosix) showing off my awesome drag racing skills at a track rental last June at Atco. .;-) Brakes were toast from back to back runs and a lengthy burnout (no line lock)...blew through the beams. Think it was a blistering 12.1..

Atco-Track-Rental-6-16-11 111.MOV - YouTube

Crappy one my wife shot (with one of our daughters talking with food in her mouth ;o) Unfortunately it was Africa hot n humid the day of the rental. Was running 20#s, rich and low timing. Made about 7 passes and drove the hour back home with the windows up and A/C blowing.

Atco June 16th 2011 031 - YouTube

Merry Christmas.