'86 GN - turnkey - setup for cruising or mid 11s

That's a bad ass GN. Looks very clean. I've got cash in hand and would like to speak with you about purchasing as soon as possible. Hope to speak with you soon.

Went through my receipts this morning. To put things into perspective, here's a list of what I've done since buying the car in January 2009:

March 2009 - Rebuilt 200 by Michael's Trans here in NJ - mileage was 132,236 (now 136,xxx). Build consists of:
Protorque 95200 - 3200 LU - $779.00
Hayden Cooler
Driveshaft loop
Atto wideband
Direct drum
CK Billet forward drum
Billet 2nd servo
Techpack TCC solenoid
CK pan extension w/ 700R4 filter
CK spacer kit
Bushing kit
4th accumulator piston & spring
custom shift kit
Billet direct piston
.500 boost valve
.296 reverse boost valve
transgo ring kit w/spring

I have the receipt with more info on the labor and parts.


May 2009 - American Racing Outlaw Is 15x8 - pair - purchased from Summit


June 2009 - Fiberglass fillers - all corners - purchased from Special Additions in FL


February 2010 - purchased from Brian (gbodyparts):

Precision 6776 BB 'S' cover - $1,532.90
Precision SLIC - $750.00
Reburned TT chip - $50.00 (I think)

April 2010 - purchased from Summit

Autometer 30# boost gauge


April 2010 - purchased from RJC

Boost controller


February 2011 - purchased from Julio - Alkycontrol

Alky kit - single nozzle w/3 bar map

$599.95 (+ install labor - installed by Paul Miller - pacecarta)

March 2011 - purchased from board member

Directscan with Compaq laptop and cable

$125.00 (I think)

Modded ECM - $70.00

April 2011 - purchased by Shane -

Black MSD wires (to replace the red ones)


May 2011 - heads retorqued by Paul Miller

Caspers Knock gauge - bought used - $50.00

That's about $6,700 and I'm sure I'm leaving stuff out. Again, I have receipts for everything and also an entire folder full from the previous owner.