86 T-type WH1(w/T-tops) maybe for sale


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Mar 5, 2008
I purchases this car from my dad about 4yrs ago. I drove the car for about 2 yrs as a daily driver. Since then I purchased a 2000 chevy monte carlo ss and had been adding modifications to the t-type because I wanted to build a 10 sec street car. Now I'm getting ready to go through a divorce and I getting behind on bills and selling this car is a last resort. As bad as i don't want to sell I probaly have too. The only thing kept me holding on to it for this is my dad, he'll never let me hear the end of it. He keep telling once you get rid of it it'll be hard as hell getting another one. Besides this car has a hell of a reputation around this city. Also forgot to mention my dad also has a 87 grand national, my brother had a 85 w/86/87 drive train but sold his last year. Well enough of my sob story for wanting to keep the car. Here is a list of modds:50lb MSD injectors, Full Throttle 210-215 roller cam setup(installed about 6months ago w/less than 300 miles), race plenum w/70mm TB, heads have big valves egr welded, intake has been slightly ported with egr block off plate, 70mm turbo(turbonetics) 4inch outlet, Mease big stock location intercooler, tps enhancer, ls1 Maf w/translator, vacumm brakes, 93 turbo tweak chip and 7 selector chip, trans go shift kit, 3000 stall orange stripe torque convertor(trans rebuilt w/ maybe 1000 miles on rebuild) 3:73 gears, aurbon posi unit, GNX fender flares, GTA wheels painted black. This ia an original WH1 car but I had car painted when I first purchased it from my dad. It is black w/ silver down the side instead of that charcoal gray. i also had all the chrome trim painted black also including front and rear bumpers. Paint job was not the best so car still needs minor body work( very minor) front header panel has a slight crack in it. I'm pretty sure I'm forgetting something on the car. I'm sure this car will run 11s easy. I will post pictures soon as I figure out how too. (not good with this computer stuff:mad: ) Contact me with offers before I go ebay. I already know pictures would do more explaining I'll post later thanks.
Pic's would help and your stall is a bit to small for that 70mm turbo :(
How much you want for it?? Forum rules "You must have a price in the post" ;)

I'm asking $8500 but may be willing to negotiate to reasonable offers. I know the stall is a bit small for the turbo but I traded my GT6131E for it with my dad with plans on upgrading to a vigilanti. Oh yeh, car have adjustable fuel pressure regulator, aftermarket guages including, tach, boost, oil,volt,temp, also have t-top pillar for guages.
Up load your photos to photo bucket and then just paste in the link :)
Will give better (larger Photos) for eveyone :)

I'm located in Monroe,LA 71203. I will post pics later today. Sorry for not posting sooner.

I'm located in Monroe,LA 71203. I will post pics later today. Sorry for not posting sooner.

Not bad but if you use the last link in the drop down deal on photo bucket (I think it says URL in it) it will just display the photos for you and no link and click stuff. Just trying to help you out I had to learn just like everyone else on the net :) Its easy.
Nice car by the way just wish you were closer :(
wh1 4 sale

There Were Only 463 Of These Made (more Rare Than The Legendary Gnx 547 Were Produced. Can't Beat It At This Price. Going On Ebay Saturday.