'87 Gn - $25,000


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May 28, 2006
Pampered 42K mile car that is beautiful inside, outside, and underneath. Thousands worth of sensible bolt-on upgrades for moderate performance and handling improvement. All 100% reversible to stock equipment, and parts to do so are included. Updates include:
- Fresh TE44 turbo
- Terry Houston downpipe, test pipe with capped side exit
- Big Mouth cold air intake system with 9” K&N filter
- “009” injectors
- Analog vacuum/boost gauge (with replacement A-pillar trim, have original with no holes)
- Manual boost controller
- Duttweiler modified stock intercooler (I have the untouched original)
- Full body and frame brace kits
- All new body mount bushings including GNX only center rubber component, and large pinion snubber
- Scanmaster diagnostic system
- GNX style 16” wheels with custom chrome Buick center caps (again, I have original 15” wheels in excellent condition, with 3000 miles on tires)
- Eibach Pro-Kit performance suspension lowers car about one inch.
- LT1 valve springs
- Casper’s fuel pump hot wire kit, Wilboro 340 pump
- PTE transmission shift kit
- Bosch fuel pressure regulator
- 2.5” Dynomax exhaust including mufflers
- R134a conversion for A/C
- 160 degree thermostat
- RJC power plate
- Much more….
- All mods done one step at a time, by a knowledgeable adult enthusiast, car never abused and meticulously maintained. The list goes on…all records, receipts included.
This is a very nicely optioned car with all power accessories plus the Concert Sound II (6-speaker) stereo system that still sounds great (very rare). Other key options include, but not limited to:
- C49, Rear defogger
- D68, Remote mirrors
- A01, Tinted glass
- G80, GU6, Posi-traction with 3.42 gears (this was NOT standard)
- TT5, T63, Halogen lights with warning chime
- N33, Tilt wheel
- CD4, Wiper delay
- K34, Cruise control
- US7, Power antenna (still works with radio on/off switch!)
- A90, Power trunk release
- WG1, 6-way power seat
- A31, Power windows
- AU3, Power door locks
- FE3, Sport suspension
- K09, 120A generator
Everything works, heat is hot, A/C is cold, tires are like new…..needs nothing. Email pab1063@new.rr.com or call 920-205-1295. Price is less than build price at $25,000 (receipts approach $30K), for a fully sorted car with all original parts included. You’d easily be money ahead if you want to put the car back to stock and sell all the go-fast goodies. After all that work, I just can’t bring myself to do it.

Only thing changed since the pictures were taken is that the valve covers were removed and professionally polished, then Zoop sealed. They're beautiful.


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A couple more pics...

Should have mentioned that I'm in Menasha, WI.

Will likely be at the next Mid-West reunion with this car if I still have it. Will be there without it and a "what did I do?" look on my face, if I don't.


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Its a beautiful GN - say it ain't so Perry!

Should have mentioned that I'm in Menasha, WI.

Will likely be at the next Mid-West reunion with this car if I still have it. Will be there without it and a "what did I do?" look on my face, if I don't.

A great car for sure.

If I see that look, we'll have to arrange for a ride along, but nothing I have will perform like yours. Well anyway, BUMP!

I hate to say it but "Good luck with the sale & hope it finds a good home.... if it has to!"
Very clean ride. I hope u get ur $25k but you might have to be a little patient.
Do you still have the original emblems? When was it painted and why?

Thanks for the nice comment, Bob! I hate it too, but afraid I'm having little choice at the moment. Won't get into details in this space...but it boils down to needing the cash for other non-toy related priorities (selling a super rare old Lincoln with a glass roof also; ooops, wrong forum ;)

To others comment on the price...yeah, I know. You get what you pay for in this case, can't really afford to take a larger loss, and I'm willing to wait a while for the right person who appreciates what it would take to duplicate. My labor is free in this deal.

To the last questions...I assume you're referring to the hood emblems? Yes, I have those. I just prefer the cleaner look without them and don't miss trying to wax around and in between them either. They'll go right back on with no trouble. The car was repainted shortly before I bought it three years ago for the same reasons that practically all of these were repainted. The original paint simply did not hold up well over time. There was NO RUST repair done whatsoever, none needed.

Someone else has asked about the seats. Those are seat covers in the picture, not the seat fabric. Guess I should have removed them before the pictures. Both seats are like new perfect.

I can personally attest to this car, trust me I was the previous owner, it's an awesome car and the paint is awesome on it! It's very durable paint, there was ablsolutely no rust repair on this car whatsoever when it was painted. The car didnt even need to be blocked because it was straight as an arrow. I literally spent 8 months on this cars' paint. The interior is perfect, the engine bay is perfect, the chassis is perfect. The car was never ever ever abused. This is an awesome car and I know Perry took very good care of it the entire time he owned it. There are absolutely no disappointments when it comes to this car. The car is well worth the price. The paint alone was around $7K and thats becuase I did all the finish work on it otherwise it would have been much more. The engine bay is also highly detailed. Very very clean car.
thro the alki in the trunk along with $6k and we have a deal...hundreds are ok...but must be crisp bills:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :smile:
Still here

Yes, still available. However the original wheels are now gone. Hated to do it...but it's done. Willing to negotiate with seriously interested parties, car as it sits or with all remaining parts. Just took a bunch of fresh photos inside and out. No disappointments here! Call 920-205-1295.

Thanks for asking - Perry
Price reduced...

$22K for the car as it sits, or $23K including ALL parts (worth WELL over the $1000 difference, just preferring to keep everything together). Not a penny less, can not be reproduced for same. Can send detailed pics, video of everything working, have car inspected, whatever... Willing to accomodate.

...for the bump and the compliment! The dice were a father's day gift, but I'd consider it for the right buyer :)
Might be best to give Perry a buzz. I dont think he's on the board much. You wont be dissappointed in the car. It's very very nice.