87 GN 5.3 swap

Glad to see you got it running and driving! I finally finished my downpipe and started working on the easy things again! After getting the S10 running like a champ it's really made me excited to get after the GN again! Like yourself i didn't expect to spend or have the car down as long as it has been but with 8 moves and probably 10yrs its closer then it's ever been! Kinda glad i bought the parts that i bought!
It’s just too hot so I’m ordered all the parts to get my AC going on my GN .. it will
Take a bit of fab to get the truck pump and bracket to work but should work
Well the 4l60e finally took a shit like I knew it would .. I’m having a 4l80e built now . I should have that installed soon and I will finish have the AC lines made . So after all that the car will be 100%. Complete ! After a 3 year build and WAY too much $$$ ! Now my wife is wanting me to sell it !! I guess I can’t blame her