87 GN for sale


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Apr 26, 2004
87 grand national, astro roof, has 103k miles on the body. NO RUST ANY WHERE. Never been in a accident. Every thing works fine, a/c still blows cold.

3k miles on the new turbo

1k miles on the newly rebuilt trans

compression is excellent, 152-155 less than 5 psi deference across all 6 cylinders.

walbro fuel pump
hot wire kit
50lb injectors
new fuel filter
two red Armstrong chips, 93 octane, 108 octane
K&N air filter
custom cold air intake
TE 62 turbo
welded exhaust manifolds
Power Stroke inter cooler
custom 3" inter cooler pipes
1st gen DSM BOV
hempco 65mm upper intake
billet breathers filters
crower valve springs
new neoprene rear main seal
new oil pan gasket
165 deg. thermostat
Billet water neck
custom air to oil, oil cooler
3" thick 2 row All Star performance aluminum radiator
Ram Chargers Duel fans
ATR 3" down pipe
Custom 3" exhaust
summit racing bullet strait through muffler, sounds great, tons of good feed back on the road from people saying that is sounds like a v8 not a v6
3k RPM Orange Stripe torque converter
Vince Janis built transmission, billet servo, wide 2nd gear band, ect. ext.
2 air to oil, trans coolers
trans temp gauge goes with car but not installed, i have no gauge pod for it, the tans pan already has the temp sensor installed, just need a gauge pod and wire it up.
Eaton Posi
31 spline moser forged axles
Boyd coddingtion, Magneto's 17"x8" in front, 17"x10" in rear
BFG radial TA's in the front tons of tread
Nitto drag radials in rear only have ~ 3k miles on them
new brakes
new sensatrac shocks
new heavy duty rear springs
35% tint on all windows but windshield
boost gauge
water temp gauge
center console twin gauge holder
column lock
Alpine CD player
Alpine ipod adapter
kenwood interior speakers
12" sony explode in the trunk
320 watt kenwood amp, powering the interior speakers
760 watt mtx amp powering the sub

I've probably forgot somethings.... I think i got about 8k in modds.
The stock wheels will go with the car also.

the best ET was a 12.60 on the stock trans and converter, car has all the goods to go low 11's. if the weather gets better before i sell it i may take it back to the track.

I'm looking to get 13k obo











I'm very modivated to sell this car, and its up for best offer.......

I have all the reciepts for this car also.


HI NICE CAR,, I although have one but was wondering if you could tell me what back spacing you used on the wheels as am going for the same size in 20".. Also would you have changed the spacing any to have the wheels come out more fush to the body?? Thanks Car is sweet... :eek:
i realy cant remember what they where, i think they where 4.25 and i had to add a 1/4 spacer. i think you need 4.5 and they didnt make a 4.5 back spacing for 17" rims (i dont know about 20") I would have had to order them ahead of time and they said it would take 6 months. So thats why i went with the spacers.

my wheels and tires where just about 1600.00


What is the condition of the paint? Original? and interior? Moonroof leak? Does it operate good? Do you still have any of the stock parts ie intercooler? Also bottom line for car with stock wheels only and minus the stereo stuff. Thanks for your time
the paint is Original and probably a 8 out of 10

the interior is in good shape, also original.

i have some of the stock parts but i sold the intercooler.

the car doesnt leak at all. '

It runs vary well and starts up first try perfect in the cold.

i'd take 1000.00 off the price for the wheels, and another 500.00 off for the stereo.

so thats 11k for the car. but it is up for best offer. so let me know.


Man, that car is beautiful. A TE 45A Turbo is all that car needs.
Some one give me a reasonable offer on this thing, I really need to get rid of it.


Shanks, i decided on the other car. Your car is nice, it should sell without a problem.
do you know of any freighting services? what's thebest way to get a car thats outta state?

and do you have any pix of underneath the car like the floorboards and underneath the doors and door jams and the trunk floor..the rust prone areas?
i will attach some interior pictures, there not all that becuase my camera broke :mad:

the body is completely rust free, but i dont have any pictures of the under side of the car. If I have to i will take some pictures.

car is still for sale and needs to go fast.




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