'87 GN head liner removal

The headliner in my hard top GN is in serious need of replacement. I was looking to remove the headliner board here in my garage then take it to a shop that has done work for me on other GN's in the past. Just wanted to ask any tips or special tools I might need and if I would need any new clips and what to get.
I appreciate the info. Thanks in advance!

Chuck Leeper

Waay too old!
Staff member
I always use all new clips. Some will break when removing the trim.
The ABS replacement liner is a good choice, as the original is brittle, cracks easily, especially, around the visor areas.
Take it out thru the pass side.
Buy extra clips. The Xmas tree clips break easily. I used a utility knife to shave a little material out of the corners to weaken them a little so they would flex a little more and not break so easily.