87 gn


God loves Buicks!
Ok here is the deal. I have a 1987 Buick grand national for sale. It is LOADED with performance parts but the body is pretty well gone. Mechanically speaking its in excellent condition.
Parts include the following.
Less than 1500 miles on rebuild engine and trans.
Engine is .020 with speed pro pistons, stock rods, std/std crank, comp 218/212 roller cam, ported and polished heads with machined valve towers to acomidate extra lift, stock 1.55-1 rockers on gardens heavy duty shafts. Trans is from Lonnie diers at extreme automatics out of Ohio and has a 10.5" single disk pro torque lockup converter. Has extended stock location inter cooler, b&m bar and plate trans cooler, 4" cold air intake, alcohol injection, converted to speed density with a wideband o2 and allot of other electronics and scan/monitoring tools. Has a limited slip differential and a high performance fuel pump. Mease dp and burgead headers. singlw ahot atr exhaust. I'm sure I forgot stuff but you get the idea. I have no idea what it's worth but I need to sell it or part it. Any input from you guys is welcome! Thanks.
"Pretty well gone" - as in floor pans, trunk, rockers; doors etc - et al?
You don't say what the frame condition is; considering the sheet metal you described.
So, it sounds like it might be at least a candidate for a body swap.
Assuming the frame is A-OK.

I know just the guy who has a perfect body for a good rolling chassis such as what you describe.
It's sad to have to squish bodies - very sad - but sometimes..sadly - that's what the market dictates.

Truth be told, based upon your brief description - it is worth more as parts than restored.
There are finished cars for sale in the low teens.

As to value - a total crap shoot without knowing more about what salvagable parts are left
But a SWAG; assuming the driveline (you described) / chassis - $5-6K?
Maybe a smidge more. Depending upon real motor data.

As I said - I know just the (GN) body for this chassis.

Post a price and see what happens.
You can always move down or entertain offers.

If the car runs and drives - you at least have that as a seller.
Lots of rollers for sale, and lots of unknown blown up head gasket cars.
Lets start at $7000. Frame is good. Yes rockers window channels and some floorboards are gone. Ill get pics up tonight.