87 Grand National 5600 Orig miles!! Completly Stock and Original

Paulie National

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Dec 10, 2012
This is my 87 GN 5600 original miles. Hard top. No modifications, all original. This car runs and drives brand new. Interior is flawless, although it does have a T Type horn ring. Engine compartment is clean and looks new.
There is no rust anywhere. Exterior is almost perfect, paint overall looks mint, but does have several flaws from storage.....(1) top of left front fender has a golfball size shallow dent. (2) Hood has quarter size bare spot in paint. (A container that was placed on car cover leaked) (3) Trunk has some Minor paint check. The rest of the paint is in amazing condition. I do have a photo copy of window sticker, as well as owners manual, and the original title showing the original owners name, i am the second owner but have never registerd the car.
Overall this car is in amazing condition and with only 5600 miles its a rare find. Im asking $28000

Ive not had a chance to take detailed pictures of the car, so this is what i have for now, if you are seriously interested in the car please Email me pjsrubicon@gmail.com and i will give you my cell number.

Thanks for checking out my car!!!


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The T horn ring could be original...ive heard of this factory assembly error before...glws
Yes that is a piece anyone that appreciates a true survivor would be glad to own. 11/87 build date as well.

I think the Motorcraft oil filter is killing your sale J/K :D

Nice Mercedes btw:)