87 grand national for sale or trade for ls1 T/A


I wanna run tens
Oct 12, 2003
1987 buick grand national

rebuilt motor with 300 miles on it
ported heads and intake
204-214 cam
bigger tb
te63-1 turbo
340 walboro fuel pump
adjustable fuel pressure regulator
3 inch downpipe
hooker exhaust

built trans
3,200 stall

car is 90% restored. has new paint, weld pro stars, good interior. body was taken off the frame and painted the frame and floor with POR 15. poly eurithane body bushings. auto meter gauges. scanmaster 2.1, paint looks verrry nice. has sun roof. car runs good but needs bigger injectors due to the size of the turbo. it has 42.5 pounders in it right now. also needs a tune. im not sure how to tune it so i did the basic tuning (tps,fuel pressure) and drove it nicely. there are a few things left that need to be done to comlete it. it needs a rear bumper filler ( i have one but its not in the best shape), needs weather sripping around the doors, needs rear view mirrors. ac box has been removed due to the previous owner messing it up real bad when he tried to install a heater core. so i took it out and put a black metal cover there. looks nice. reason im selling it is becasue i dont wanna drive this nice of a car everyday.

i am looking to trade for a 99-2002 trans am with a six speed. or im selling it for $16,500 obo.

if you got any questions, feel free to call me at 847-909-2156. thanks