'87 Grand National


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Feb 17, 2009
1987 Grand National - Black, Like New Condition. 71,400 miles. Pioneer stereo system with multi CD changer. 6 aluminum alloy wheels including original set of 4 alloy wheels. Fendor cut-outs. Nitros-Oxide system. Never raced. Excellent maintenance history. Was appraised in 2006 for $20,000 by the Northern Illinois Classic Auto Brokers. Determined to be in EXCELLENT to VERY GOOD CONDITION.

Call 1-847-471-1966.


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No rush to sell....

I'm in no rush to sell. I didn't list a price, just what it was appraised for. Just waiting for the right buyer. I bought it new, and it's too important to me to give it away.
I believe that would be a conflict of interest. Just offering up the info I have on the car.
Call with questions or offers....

Upper teen offers is what I'm looking for. Do not email offers. Call the number listed. I had a friend post it, so call me direct if interested. Sorry for the confusion.
Howbout some details on the car?:confused: Are you just a dealer at some car dealership or do you have real info on the car?
It is a forum rule that an price must be posted, whether it be rediculous or not.

Just curious, why would a "never raced" car have a nitrous system on it?
Post a "realistic" price within 24 hrs or this thread will be closed.

Putting a stupid high price on it will also get the thread closed, just in case you were wondering...:wink:
:biggrin: Would my car for sale thread be closed if I posted a dubious price?

Would my car for sale thread be closed if I posted a pragmatic price?

Then what would happen if I recieved a serendipitous offer I felt to be fortuitous?
I removed any un-necessary comments. If you want to make an offer to the member selling the car, then go right ahead. IMHO it's inconsiderate to the member for you to comment on his price, especially if you're just kicking tires. This forum motto, like all the rest of the Turbo Regal forums and the Turbo Regal community, is "Fast with Class". So let try to stick with that theme. If the vehicle is truly overpriced, I'm sure free market will lend a hand. So if you don't have a legitimate offer or comment, then let this member sell his car without your comments that really have nothing to do with hepling him/her sell this vehicle.
If the vehicle is truly overpriced, I'm sure free market will lend a hand.

True. He may not get all that but the car but there is an azz for every seat. I for one have been that azz on more then one occassion....:mad: Just look at my signature.