87 Grandnational


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Aug 6, 2005
3.8 20 over trw forged pistons file fit rings steel mains 218/218 flat tappet TDs roller rockers stainless valves comp springs ported and polished heads and intake manifold 4,290 miles on rebuild all ARP fasteners oringed block 42 pnd inj.red double pumper fuel system adj fuel reg volt booster boost and fuel presure gage 200r built with all ARTCAR PARTS 9.5 ARTCAR convertor TA 45 turbo poished spools fast mosier axels poss ice cold air no rust very solid car good driver pm me if you have questions.
Price?Miles on car? Hows the paint? How are those ground effects on the side mounted? Can they be easily removed? Looks like nice car.
The car has 104,000 on the body the paint is nice the floors trunk bottom of the deck lid is perfect on the g effects a few screws and a couple of bolts it should come off.thanks. price is 13,500
ive heard of the "7th injector" but whats the deal with the two injectors in the up-pipe? same idea? how do they work, boost referenced?

Thanks Brett it is super nice car as matter a fact and going to get it out and cruise alittle.or alot lol.
well lets see here per say you have 75 pnd inj on your motor and your you got turbo lag darn thing just dont spool fast so you put a smaller inj for your set up and now spools faster however now its lean by adding the 2 inj in the pipe you just added the fuel and can spool fast as well and added another 100 plus hp to your set up perty cool very streetable and great gas mileage as well as throttle response know thats why i use 2 instead of one bud. the other plus is you want to go up on boost and you need more put a bigger 8th inj. go fast stuff you can also stagger the times that they come in and make more power i hope this helps you bert.

Kevin, i lost all my money at the casino. but 10,000 bucks, you going testing or tuning at muncie before bowling green? if it quits raining and gets above 40 degrees i would take my junk over there before i head to BG, good luck on the sale. later oc,
Yeah i was planning on this wed but this weather sucks i did fire old blue up played with the tune on spool up it flys up there perty good cant wait to launch it bud.Hey i bought a 03 duramax 2500 hd thats a toweing machine love it cant wait to play with the tune on it well getting ready to suck down some food see ya soon the gn is AMY JO. OLD CAR.
Has anyone gone out to look at this car? I am interested but im in New Jersey. If I find someone to take a look at it for me, can I have them come by? Can you e-mail me all the pics you have to nick@cavocrepecafe.com

pics on there way sure send them there,s nothing to hide here the paint is nice as well and yes you can have the vin no.
87 gn

Kev, i still have 10,000 bucks if you get desprate to sell it, you could drive it over here and help me fix my damm fence the horses are getting in the hay field, later oc,:D
Thanks im good heck i got alot in the old car bud and i like it if if dont sell no biggie ill just be a cruisin havin fun thanks for the offer got to get back work i got mike moose,s gn out here doing stuff to it you no cam timing adjustment