87 t-type make an offer

josh watson

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Dec 1, 2006
light blue, new interior, some rust. mildly ported heads, cometic gaskets, Auburn posi rear, new paint....cheap paint job...could be cleaned up and I will if I keep it. I got this car as a daily driver. And we all know these don't make the best daily driver. Having electrical problems right now. I'll probably have the car going soon. I'll sell it either way. I've replaced every sensor on the DA?# thing. Will post pics soon and update when I get it running. It ran great and there is nothing wrong with the engine itself. 3" single exhaust. fairly loud.


When It runs I'll want $5,000 ish.
I'm just north of Atlanta.
Blue Buick

I hope you don't mind, but here's a pic of the car. The wheels are different...these are the ones that I had on it. Sorry to hear that you're still having troubles with it.


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here's a pic. thanks kevin. I also have all the parts to convert to vacuum brakes (thanks again kevin). I'll post more pics in the next day or two. I am taking HUUUGE losses on this deal. Someone is going to be very happy.


payment received. Thanks for the interest guys....and for the help with the buicks I've owned in the past year. I'm sure I'll be back again one day....when the itch starts and I have a reliable car already in the garage.