87' T with Astro and Landau roof...is it kind of rare?


May 26, 2001
I have a 87' Regal T ( not a limited)
It's a Dark Red with dark red landau roof and has an Astro roof. I've owned a few of these cars but never one with both of these options.

It also has buckets and console, twighlight sentinel and rear defogger among other things. It also has the wide chrome rocker molding and chrome at the top of the doors.

I know it's not as rare as my old 86' T Type that had code 62 paint but it looks like an oddball to me.

Thanks for any info
Thats a pretty unusual combo. I can't think they made more than a handful. I bet Dennis Kirban would know how many they produced.

Astro roof and landau top is kind of rare, but I can't say I've ever seen or heard of one with a factory red landau top.
I had a blue Limited with landau top and Astro roof back in the day. Should have kept that car but life got in the way.