87 turbo regal wont start

Jul 24, 2007
:confused: ok so i was headed home one night and the car just shut off and wouldnt start back up. I have replace the following and NOTHING has changed or fixed it:
Crank Sensor
Ignition module
coil pack
cam sensor

i am getting NO spark and NO injector pulse....any ideas are greatly appreciated.
would that just go out like that?? it also had a kenne bell chip in it and i switched it with the stock one and still nothing.
does it crank at all?

Check to make sure you are getting power to the starter. Maybe the power wire from the batter is disconnected? That would cause everything to not have juice.
will it turn over and try to crank= chip,fuel,plugs, make sure back pins of the chip isnt bent in anyway. make sure orange ecm is connected,

wont turn over and crank at all = battery or cable connections.
hope you didn't run out of gas....

Do you have fuel pressure? is the pump priming with key forward? Sounds like the wires doing to the starter may have burned and popped the fuseable link.
Check that you have fuel (ie: working fuel pump). I just had one crap pout without warning. Then check your CCCI fuse.
The CCCI fuse goes to the ECU. If it pops, which is common (I think it's a 10 amp fuse) the car will crank but not start. If you need to move it and the fuse is popped, out in a larger one, stay out of the gas and place it where you need it. Disconnect the battery and remove the connector from the Ignition module. Undo the tape and look for the inevitable bare wire hich is causing the short. Fix the short and you'll be ready to go.
At one time I found the main harness was rubbing on a factory screw sticking out of the firewall. This was on the passenger side of the steering column where the shifter is. That took me a while to find. Same symptoms your having.