-8an fitting for stock fuel rail


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Oct 1, 2001
where can i get the correct fitting to allow -8an feed line to be connected to stock fuel rail...this fiting needs to have the male inverted flare and rubber oring on the that goes into the fuel rail. i can only find one with -6an not -8...earls and fraggola have them.

anyone can help? i got the one without the male inverted flare end and it leaks at the rail.even with teflon tape....SUGGESTIONS?
If the fitting you have is like what I am thinking need to use a washer to seal it. I used a copper crush washer that I also annealed to dead soft (heat to red and let cool or dunk in water to remove oxides).

Can also use a washer that has an aluminum shell with a buna-n gasket. Can't recall the name of them. Even with a quick search I didn't find it.

Anyway, this is what I used:

Earl's 9919EFJ - -8AN to 16mm x 1.5 Adapter

JEGS Performance Products 82110 - JEG'S Copper Washer Assortment Kit

The AN adapter needs to be shortened so that it doesn't bottom on the 0-ring portion of the rail. Then just select the proper copper washer to fit and anneal it.

$60 bucks!! WOW--I'll try the annealed brass washer or plastic washer first as nobody has this in stock anyway...Thanks for the link--
Hey I just remembered that racetronix might have the fitting too.....
This fitting really defeats the whole purpose of going to a -8 fitting! Look at the tiny little hole you have as an outlet from the adapter. This would be ok in a low hp or non e85 application. This would be like wrapping your mouth and nose in duct tape and popping a straw through to breathe, then try to run as fast as you can! Buy a -8 to flush stainless steel fitting have it tig'd on. should be no more than 10 bucks for the fitting and maybe 20.00 if you got someone with a tig.
This one with the fuel/oil plastic washer is what I use

This fitting looks to be that it doesn't even need to be shortened. And the price is better then the fitting I used. I'd give it a go along with the sealing washer. Still can't recall the name of the sandwiched one.

Found it: 5/8 dowty seal for factory fuel rail feed

This is from another TB member that listed & pictured his fuel system... TooManyModz maybe?????

As others have mentioned, avoid the Saginaw 0-ring style as the through hole is very small.

This looks like a nice fitting.

Thats the one I have and it leaks....i need to try a Dowdy Seal--I'm looking for a source in the chicagoland area online now...--
If it bottoms out the thread before the seal makes contact it wont help. The shorter thread fitting helps or cutting some threads off of yours. I had that issue before which is why I have my current setup. Best picture I could find of my fitting and seal.


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I had a fitting like that and cut a few threads off to avoid bottoming out as mentioned. Used a copper washer and it worked good.