9.5 NL Converter Sprag.


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I made a pass on my GN sunday, felt solid shifted fine. Turned right stabbed it agian and then lost all gears. Park is there, I can feel the car drop into gear it just will not move. Pulled the converter and cut it open on the lathe, the sprag in the stator was tore up. It was just spinning no "diode" action whatsoever. Would this cause the no gear condition? Im fairly certain I hurt something internally, anyone have exp with a bad sprag? Its a stage 3 200r reverse full man VB. Im waiting on my PTC converter thank god. So I was going to remove the trans anyway.
Usually you would lose torque multiplication if you roll the sprag. If no gears and you have verified the pump isn't broke if expect a broken intermediate shaft

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Turns out I broke the intermediate as well like Bison said. I ordered another billet piece from CK yesterday. I truly don't really have a clue how much power it is putting through to the tires. Ive seen comparable set ups around 700hp, but then again there is ALOT of variables. It was an Art Carr converter, Ive had it repaired and its in the for sale section right now. I bought this car in boxes and reassembled it, apparently it was a street fighter in the Detroit area in the 2000-03 time frame. I got a HUGE stack of receipts with it.
Definately broke the shaft I have a pic
Im not sure if its billet the trans came with the car. I had a reciept from art carr for the trans. So I just assumed.