9 sec very nice, collectible '87 Turbo T for sale

I put 35 new pictures on Photobucket:

TK_87T_ForSale pictures by turbotk2001 - Photobucket

If you look at the URL bar at the top of the broswer the picture name is displayed, has a description of what it's showing.



In that 10.28 youtube vid? None. Just the 2nd test pass with the new 4.5L engine. Had an old q-trim T76 on it and a small 224 SR cam at that point. 30+ psi boost.

The 242 cam dropped the boost down to 26 psi.

nice cam for sure to drop you down 4#'s. If this where a better market, the car wouldnt have been gone long ago. Good luck. I remember taking fear out to san Antnio raceway, just when we where tuning it. Nice track
Sale pending!

Found the original window sticker:


Can tell already I'm gonna miss 'er- like losing a family member :(

Good luck with sale , I done the same thing when I was 30 I sold my #matching 67 ss rs camaro . I had it for a long time but if your selling the car to start your house then that's smart. You can't live or raise a family in a car. When you get that house done and move in you want worry about a car. Remember they did not make one and quit. You might end up with a GNX once again good luck.:
Hmmm, selling it for the price of the new S2 engine if that alone were on sale. Free low-mileage silver TR with upgrades. Tough economy and/or Buick market...