9 sec very nice, collectible '87 Turbo T for sale

Let's Race, but I will have to double my boost just in case.:eek: You got a very nice car and its just to bad I don't have the $$ to buy. All my cash is in this 5 liter.;)
Wow. NICE ride. Can you say "no expense spared"? You really went all out on that motor. That is a serious car. I cant believe youre letting it go that cheap. That car would just embarass a new Enzo. And you'd never know it either... wish I had the money brother.
Damn it! If I wouldn't of just bought a z06 this car would be on its way to Oklahoma. Always broke when the good deals come up. Good luck on the sale it shouldn't take long.

anybody want a 2001 MY Z06, make ya a hell of a deal? trade?

Put this back on the road and enjoy it. Then guys will be beggin you to sell it.

Happy New Year

Thanks John, and I can't wait to see your new project!

I joined youtube now so could put a test video up there so far- try:

YouTube - TK test 2 at SAR 07/02

It's just a larger version of the one I uploaded here, but still low quality. A placeholder for now if you will.

I plan to add a few other videos this weekend from the track(s) that show more of the car.

Well I've recently developed some other interests now and am ready to let the car go for a low price. I'll take $16.5k for the whole shebang, including several boxes of many of the original stock parts. 274" stage 2 short block is bagged up and still on the stand. Engine was done by Dale Robertson in WA ("Bad as L" on the board). GN1R heads are in bags, ready. Porting touched up to improve low lift flow and very well set up by John Haskell of Air Flow Research in WA. Everything is ready to go, including new Loc Wire gaskets.

Engine is set up for 242 Comp Extreme Street solid roller, but could be changed at this point if buyer wants (no reason to change it though IME). Rods are specially clearanced for the high lift lobes. Related note- no wonder Buick cast a few special "4.5L" blocks with the cam moved up .080" (if I recall). Comp 1.55" coated springs with +0.050 locks for about 260-270 lbs seat pressure. 3/8" pushrods, heads all clearanced for them. Stainless ATR exh headers are coated satin black. Buyer could inspect everything in the engine this way. Etc. It's nice stuff.

Had sold the 76 GTS turbo waiting for it to Norbs several years ago. Was going to put on a PTE billet 76 GTS now. Should be a perfect match for it, but buyer could choose another.

Car is an original '87 T and still has only about 55k miles on it. It's been in a garage its whole life and very well cared for. It now has several years of accumulated garage dust and cobwebs though and has little "curb appeal" currently. Bumper fillers are toast by this point, but I have new GM front and aftermarket rears for it. Original headliner has sagged finally.

It really just needs some ~ basic TLC from a motivated buyer to be a nice Buick turbo v6 street car again. Easy 9 sec et's off the foot brake, very streetable.

Just bought an improved steering shaft for it, and an Iceman moly TH400 cross member too.

Also have a spare set of brand new 15x8 PRo Stars wheels for the rear, intended to have them for the slicks for the track. Though the Hoosier QT Pro streeters do quite well at the track too.

-quote: "I'll take $16.5k for the whole shebang, including several boxes of many of the original stock parts."

WOW! What a FREAKING DEAL!!! Man..... beautiful and awesome... bump for ya' :cool:
Thanks. We'll see how it goes. If it's still here in a few weeks we'll get the heads on and see about gettin' the mill back in between the fenders. The way things usually work, then will probably get motivated to finish the whole project again lol.. :D

First thing it needs though is to push it back out into the driveway and spend some quality time with a bucket of soapy water and the garden hose. That alone will probably works some miracles of motivation. The weather supports that now too- Spring is upon us.