9 sec very nice, collectible '87 Turbo T for sale

I am in but I need to talk to the shop to see what's involved with getting this thing back back together... I will PM you my phone number but this seems like too good of a deal to pass up. Let's talk today and clear up the details and we could make this happen quickly.
Well.. dunno what happened to my buyer (?), but it seems the car is for sale again.


Your going to find a BUNCH of tire kickers..The people who want to buy will tell you they will buy it but need pictures of this and that and even when its all good and your getting ready to close the supposed closed deal,they will try to steal it from you for even less money,some people even pretty much post "looking to steal someones car in this market"...I would sell my car if someone would just STFU and fork out the cash without all the bs..Good luck with the sale...
Yah, no worries. Plenty of tire kickers and trawlers, but some serous buyers just need lots of good info to make up their minds, make sure the car is right for them. I can relate, it can be difficult to decide on purchasing a long distance vehicle. But things just come up too, I guess that's life.

Best time to chat would probably be evenings during the week, after 7p CST. During the weekend, probably afternoons.