9 sec very nice, collectible '87 Turbo T for sale


Ok- this is not what I like to do, but the time has come and I need the money for a house down payment. This car (in my sig pic) has been my baby since ~ '89 or so. It still only has about 50k original miles on it. It has always been garaged (obviously) and always treated with the highest regard for its future collector status. Never been a daily driver; just a Sat night special type car. I've done essentially all the work on it. I still have nearly every original part ever removed from the car (original shortblock is gone; original 200R4 trans is gone but was fully built and is in a local friend's car). The car was/is one of the fastest real street cars in the Austin area. But it still even has the original rear brake linings on it, which speaks volumes about how the car, though very fast, has not been "hammered". Still has the original shocks and springs on it even. TX car, always adult owned (I'm 44 and the 2nd owner; 1st owner was in his late 50's and from Bandera, TX). I bought it with ~ 10K original miles on it. It was still all stock except for a chip and tint.

Metallic silver with blackout trim. Turbo engine package and T package. Power windows and power locks. Dark'ish tint. Maroon crushed velour interior with 60/40 split bench seat w/ padded arm rest and column shift, for that cool, true muscle car funk. Very smooth and very comfortable; can practically eat a sandwich and steer with one finger while turning a 9 sec et...

Best of everything. Would run at least about $15,000+ to duplicate, if you even could these days. 274" Buick racing v6 with 4 bolt mains, crossbolted, latest '153 4.1L stage 2 racing block. BMS forged crank in max 3.625" stroke and "wide" rod journal configuration. Custom Oliver billet rods, 6.25"L. Champion Racing GN1R heads with 6 headbolts per cylinder. Full race ported (and gone over again by Air Flow Research in WA). Jessel-style individual shaft/cyl rocker system. Maximum size valves with custom +0.100" length for more valve spring installed height room. Fel-pro Lockwire gaskets with precisely machined grooves, hand done on a mill vs the sloppy lockwire groove cutting tool that most use. Examine the previous headgaskets to see just how precise they in fact are. Heavily worked BGC intake manifold with an RJC BGC airflow distribution plate and a 3" Accufab tb. JE custom forged slugs with new JE racing blower rings. ~ 8.8:1 CR. Comp solid roller cam- 242/242/116 @ 0.050". Cam lobes custom bead blasted. Comp Super Lifter roller lifters. Set up for 1.55" dia springs. 3/8" dia Smith Bros racing pushrods. Danny Bee captured cam retainer plate system, custom ground true and the cam front journal is custom crossdrilled to pressure feed oil to it rather than just splash oiling. Billet Fab aluminum oil pan with external -12 AN pickup boss. Duttweiller wet sump oiling system with remote Fram HP6 racing filter w/ -10 AN plumbing and a custom oiling strategy with multiple oil feeds into the front and rear of the block. All lifter bores precision indexed and bushed. Very heavily reworked yet stock looking finned aluminum stock valve covers. Lightweight GM starter. Extremely precise machine work done and otherwise overseen by an expert among experts machinist in the Auburn, WA area. For example, even the deck surfaces have been precision ground rather than milled... Engine is newly redone and still out of the car; heads are off. One look at the decks and down the bores will help tell the precision machine story...

ATR stainless turbo headers. Turbonetics Deltagate wg mounted on the crossover pipe, under the car and out of sight and plumbed into the exh system for quiet. Custom stainless 3.5" downpipe with a 3.5" test pipe w/ uncap cutout. Headers and downpipe ceramic coated. Setup feeds a lightweight, single 3" stainless ATR full street cat back exh system.

FAST bank to bank, wb O2 EFI system with 160 lb inj. Buick v6 system actually fires inj groups like an out of sync sequential, which greatly helps the very large injectors at idle issue. Always very conservative tuned with WOT cylinder pressure measured. The car is plumbed for a stealthy 1 stage nitrous system, controlled by the FAST system. Would prefer to remove the N20 system and keep that if new owner does not really want or need it. If the new owner chooses to not run the nitous system I can replace the 160 lb inj with 95 lb if desired.

Brand new PTE GTS76 turbo. V-band discharge fitting. Ceramic coated exh housing.

CAS V1 max size a/a front mount intercooler with special high performance Modine core. Powder coated 3" lightweight piping. This unit performs excellent. CAS custom 3-pass aluminum radiator with submerged 7 plate engine oil cooler with -10 AN lines.

ATR double pumper staged, dual Walbro 340 fuel pump system- clean, quiet, mounts in the tank. Upgraded to a -8 AN feed line to the engine with a large, high performance Aeromotive filter.

BOP TH400 built by a local guru with alot of experience and success. Top of the line Hughes Pro3 GM 9" converter with about 3600 stall. I broke fins in several lesser 200R4 converters (with only 235" of S1 grunt driving it) and did not want to repeat that. Reverse pattern, full manual. Electric trans brake. B&M floor mount ratchet shifter. Max size B&M racing plate style trans oil cooler. Stock driveshaft shortened slightly and HD TH400 yoke installed.

Front brakes have been ugraded to a high perf, lightweight Wilwood disk setup with many hours of custom machine work to remove excess weight from a set of factory spindles (these are off my engine builder's own GN). Then fully coated black. Bolts are drilled and laced with safety wire. Braided stainless lines. Very trick. Brake system has been converted from the original, problematic Powermaster electro-hydraulic setup to conventional vacuum assist GM power brakes.

Rear end- original factory stock except aluminum drums added, new posi clutches. Stock 3.42 ratio. Metco Billet aluminum adjustable upper control arms. Hotchkis steel lower control arms and upper/lower brace kit. All poly bushings with grease fittings.

Weld Pro Stars all around. Fender trim removed and rear wheel well lips rolled to fit 28 x 11.5 Hoosier QT Pros with no scraping. These are excellent DOT tires and will easily hold mid 9 sec et's.

Fiberglass bumpers on it now. Still have the chrome originals in exc condition of course. Original bumpers have the factory lightweight aluminum bumper supports. Most GN's had very heavy steel bumper supports. Otherwise body is all factory metal. AC system was removed a few years ago but whole system is in a box and could easily be reinstalled (really). Heater was disconnected but is still on the car.

Underhood and suspension area was recently cleaned and detailed and anti-rust coated and painted. The original factory bumper fillers have finally gone away and the headliner has sagged down and needs fixing. 80's GM cars are simply notorious for both issues. I have the new bumper fillers on hand. The factory paint is still in very good condition overall, amazing really for a nearly 20 year old car. But has some minor flaws now. Car has been sitting in the garage for awhile now. It needs a new home.

Etc. The car will run easy, no wheelie/no drama 9's off the foot brake with a 0 boost soft launch and no nitrous. This quite rare car needs and deserves a new caring, appreciative, mature home. $21K takes it all including boxes of all parts, etc. If the car does not sell before I move then I put the engine back in, do the cosmetic things and then it lists for $27,500. Please contact me if interested. Serious only please. Thank you.



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This is a car that anyone "serious" about buying a Fast Buick should look at. For you guys out there that aren't quite sure about what you should be looking for in a stage car....

There are, in my opinion some crap/"ok" stage cars out there that have sold for too much because peole haven't done the research to build one "right"
This is the "real" deal, and it definitely needs very little to be a 9.0 car.

The one thing that is actually great about this car is that it is taken apart right now and ready and close enough to be put back together. That means a buyer could put this together like a kit and know exactly how it's built.

I would have loved a deal like this for when I started my S2 Project. Good luck Todd.
By special request! :) Sorry, not a good pic with the box of rags and stuff behind the seat, boost hoses, no detailing, etc. Trans was still the 200R4 there too with column shifter. But you get the idea. And the underhood pic is from before I took off the AC, and it had a 76 q-trim turbo on it. But again, you get the idea. I need to get some of the new work under the hood with the engine out, it looks nice.

Oh yeah and ps, I have both of the under hood GM water bottles on hand, new, and a new'ish, nicer looking hood liner too. All goes.

Sheesh what all else do I have in there... Umm, how about a pair of virgin alum stage 2 head castings too?

Edit- thanks John! :)

Edit again- one reason I'm getting out of it is, I want to go faster still but notice this car has no cage, etc. I wanted to keep it that way, did not want to cage it up and race it out. But for what I have in mind, the next ride will have a full race cage for sure, with none of the qualms about cutting up a collector car. I'm talking twin turbos, 400+ ci, 2 stages of gas. Hope that makes sense.

Edit- the cam is 242/242/114, not 116- been awhile. Available blanks would not support 116 ls.



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I hope you don't sell it.
That car is too nice to get rid of.
It would be hard to live in though!
Here's a little vid clip showing what I mean by zipping down the track quietly with no drama :) This was just the 2nd ever test pass with the new S2 mill and TH400 trans if I recall. A no boost launch (as you can hear), 10.28 @ 138 I think was the speed. On the Hoosier QT Pros, through the street exhaust. Steel bumpers and AC were still on it. Old smaller cam (224) and the 76 q-trim; it runs much better with the new cam and better pushrods :) (And some hose) ;)

Our own Pacemaker was messing around with the clip to skeer some of his local coastal boys a little lol ;) Said it was his new street car, hehe :D

Sorry, I had to really shrink it down to cruddy, cruddy stats to fit it under the 92KB attachment limit. I can email a larger, better quality version to anyone interested.

PS- the virgin S2 alum heads go with it too :D

S2 powah bay-beee! Taste my Buick steel :biggrin:



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Todd is sharp. Scary, quiet, unassumingly smart. This is easily the best deal I've yet to see for what you're getting. This would be the car to have of all the Stage cars for a street car.

And if you buy it, keep the nitrous, he has that SCIENCED out. Todd knows his stuff. He coached me with my nitrous set up some time back (I was a newbie). Now I have a blown GTO on the hose, a supermoto bike on the hose and of course the Metro is still a crackhead.

A total serial killer sleeper.

Todd - I'd like to pick over your valvetrain stuff if you want to send a list. Interested in some rods if you have any too.

Hehe :) Gee, umm, the check is in the mail Lol ;) Glad you're having so much fun with the hose on all those cars!

What valve train parts are you looking for? The Manton pushrods maybe? We can discuss in email (turbotk2001@yahoo.com) or phone if you'd like.

Hehe :) Gee, umm, the check is in the mail Lol ;) Glad you're having so much fun with the hose on all those cars!

What valve train parts are you looking for? The Manton pushrods maybe? We can discuss in email (turbotk2001@yahoo.com) or phone if you'd like.


Trade you even for my Turbo Fox.:biggrin: