911 Update 1987 buick GN stolen out of atlanta


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Dec 11, 2003

You guys are not going to believe this but i need help quick. The guys responceable for stealing my 1987 GN actually were stupid enough to put my parts for sale on ebay right now. IM NOT KIDDING. You guys have to trust me on this one i know my parts way too well because i built that car and worked on it almost every weekend. you can check it out yourself. please see the links below.

Ebay item # 2448291276 Thats my hood with the paste residue left from the hood emblems.

Ebay item# 2448236797 thats my dash gage console.

Ebay item # 2448239215 that my digital gauge cluster.

and their are way to many parts to list from this guys auction just click on his view sellers list.

I can assure you that these are my parts. Besides look how much he is trying to sell my turbo for. I dont know what to do or how to stop this guy. Are their any GN cops out their PLEASE HELP. All i know is that he is located in Weare New Hampshire i will try to get the specifics later. Please do not send him any emails letting him know we are on to him. This is a call I NEED HELP FAST FROM anybody. They must have chopped the car for parts in atlanta and transported them out to New Hampshire. They would have to be part of a large theft ring and we can stop them if you help. Please just check out my last post. I dont know what can be done to stop this. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP.
Contact your local P.D. & also E-bay. Good Luck. Post this in "The Lounge", you'll get alot more help there I believe.
Looked at the picture of the hood on E-bay. Sure that's yours? It's got a hotair hoodpad on it from a pre '86 car. Just wondering.
hes got a buncha other GN parts on ebay too, check his 'other auctions' to see.