92-20* or 110 -26*Chip w/Alky?


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May 26, 2001
What chip will be better to use on the street with my combo? I was thinking of using the 110-26* chip and taking out 4-6* timing with the Trans+ Anyone doing this?:confused: Will it spool up faster? Any downsides? I'm a slug from a stop till I get to 10 PSI then hold on:eek: I know a TC is the answer to faster spool up. But no funds:(

Originally posted by Mr URL
Try 22 degrees timing WOT as a place to start.

Thanks Chad,
I started with Spark base "D" 6 degrees retarded. (Not good) On low end. Now I'm trying:
Base spark base on Trans+ set on "0"
Spark WOT set on "C" 8 degrees retard. Low end is better.:) Need to do more WOT tests.:D
So I think I'm on 18 degrees WOT now. Will work my way up till I get KR. I'm at 24# boost using 92 gas, with Denatured. Wanted to know if anyone has tried this before?( Using a race 110-26* chip W/92 gas & Alky?And taking out timing?:confused: ) Any downsides?
What I did when I first tuned in my SMC kit was set the boost at about 16 psi and put in my 26* race chip. I set the alky turn on point at about 10 psi and kept turning the boost up 1-2 psi at a time till I started noticing the slightest amount of retard. Once I got the max boost set I started fidling with the turn on point. Mine comes on at about 13 psi now. When I was first learning to tune the kit I was having a problem with running rich. I didnt want to take fp out at first because I was already running a lot of boost. What worked great for me was to turn the fp down about 3 pounds and turn the alcohol up. Basically you are just taking out pump gas and adding higher octane alcohol in its place. The thing I love about these alky kits is the tunability. At first you will hate it, but once you play with it you'll know exactly how to dial it in. I am at the point now where I know where to set the pump speed based on the outside temperature. Good luck with your kit. Hope that helped some.
BTW, just for your reference, I was finally able to get the car dialed in at 23 psi with my 26* race chip using denatured alky. Fuel pressure is set at 41 psi and I am running a JL 110 chip. Keep playing with it a little bit at a time and you should be able to use the full 26* timing. Spoolup is super fast with my TE45.