I think you will be injector and pump limited. Put the car on a 500 lb. diet and it might.;) The stock ecm "can" do it, but most guys fun a F.A.S.T. or other aftermarket ECM and a BIG external pump and 72lb injectors or bigger. It's do-able with out, but alot harder. If you add "double stack" Alky kit, and a double pumper in tank, it'll help ALOT.
With suspension work and a lot more injector and pump it should be no problem at 27-28 psi if the engine is 9.0:1 or more. Your injectors are to small to push a 3600lb car into the 9's. The boost will have to be pushed up to around 30psi if less than 9.0:1. Your leaving a lot on the table if running through a 3 bolt at this point. Id go for the 4-bolt and pick up a few mph.
i have a nice re-built A1000 aeromotive fuel pump and filter that will push you into the 9's for sale..

also move up to 83 pound injectors, they got me to my times in my sign..
I think it's possible. Get it to 60 foot good & turn it up! I have been 10.30's at 130mph with mototrons & no alky. This was with only a 1.50 or 1.51 60ft. Go to the track often & tune, tune, tune.