a big thanks



I just wanted to thank all of those that are involved in the Turbo Motion group purchase of the IC kits. You guys have stepped up and given this small company a fighting chance to survive in a tough market. I also have to give a big thank you to those who a bought my products when they were just coming out. You took a chance and I personally owe you guys a great deal of thanks! Every last one of you have been great to deal with and I'm happy to have had the chance to at least meet you on the phone and some of you in person. I would not have the chance to live out my dream if it were not for all of you, and for that I am very grateful.
Thank You!
we all thank you for the dedication you have to a small number of cars and for the opportunity for us to kick some butt out on the track and the street in our underated cars.:D :cool:
Enthusiasm beams from this guy!

If you are not pumped about owning a "Hot-Air" '84/'85 Turbo Regal take a moment to talk to Jay. He is absolutely PUMPED about our hobby and the technology available to transform these underated cars into something akin to a street bully, and in a weekend of turning wrenches you'll have '86/'87 guys crying like well whupped redheaded stepchildren.

His product is awesome.
Jay's a first class guy! I encourage everyone to support his business! I hope to be able to buy a kit from him by next summer, if the money gods don't strike me down! I saw at least one of his kits in Vegas (saw more than one, but for all I know it was the same car!)...impressive!
I have one of Jay's kits and am getting ready to buy another!
I am putting one on my 84 even as we speak, finally.
I think Jay is a super guy and has a nice product.
Let's support him!
I'll be buying a intake for my car from you in the winter to run with my sperco intercooler:( i wish i would have seen your set up before i bought mine.

Your doing great work and helping the little guys out with the hotairs thats alsome.:D

#%$@!%#$sperco kit
Jays products and craftsmanship are awsome.....but best of all - The man stands behind his work!!!
Exactly NoCooler

"Stands behind his work" totaly describes TurboMotion from my experiences. After having problems tuning my car after the V1 JAY suggested upgrading to the V3, at such a small charge I couldn't pass it up.

One of the things that sticks out in my mind the most is when he said "I wish you would have called me when you first had tuning problems, I know how frustrating that is and we could have tried some things." The tuning problem wasn't even the fault of his intake!

That is a guy who has tried to tune one of these cars and understands the frustration of going backwards.

As a fellow small business owner that is concerned with the current economy I fully understand and support Turbomotions efforts, I'm just glad 10k people a day are turning 40 yrs old. Everyone needs glasses but it takes a lot of balls to market products for 17-18 yr old cars when there was less than 10k produced form the start.

We may not have the buying power of the I/C crowd but we have the two best vendors for TurboRegal parts......Jay and BFH.

Hats off Gentlemen.

Jay said the same thing. "If you have any problems tuning give me a cal". I am very impressed with the V2 intake. I am glad I was giving the opertunnity to purchase one of these intakes. Cause face it guys. He is the only option in intakes for us. It is not like we have 2 or 3 choices of an eldebrock, like we had a chevy 350. Great work Jay, keep it up.
Any thoughts on a down pipe for us Jay? I know I had talked to you about it.
Jay is truly a class act, and lets face it, he's selling products to an ever decreasing market. But, he is still dedicated to this crowd, and its great to see some people dedicated to him. Jay, you've got my business as long as you need it.

Thanks Mike