A cautionary tale

Chuck Leeper

Toxic old bastard
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May 28, 2001
Everyone should have a BP monitor.
Past week, some headache activity led me to my trusty monitor, a tool I use monthly, maybe more.
No other obvious signs were there.
Been seeing my usual 130/140 over mid 60 to low 70. A 5 mg Lisinopril is/was the med.
Well, well, a 200/101 lit me up. "This has to be the monitor, it's 10 yrs old". :rolleyes:
I was close to a firehouse, so I stopped by.
Quickly found out the monitor was ok.
Home and a double dose of the tabs....No go.
Daughter is a RN>>>> Get your butt to the er.
Er dr says same thing. Some tests, some different meds, and I'm back to the usual, at 136/65.
I'm GTG for another 50 yrs. 😁
And for you younger guys, my bud was in his early 40's when WHAMO, a heart attack resulted in a pair of stents installed.
Kinda like blowing a fuel line at 50# of boost. Could wreak havoc with your short block.:oops:
In his case, only a pair of head gaskets.

Bottom line USE the tool!
Good to hear you're doing okay! Keep healthy so you can keep all of us under control.

The board would fall into chaos without your guidance!
You're absolutely right Chuck. Our blood pressure is are knock gauge. Glad you're doing all right now, we do need your guidance or we'll end up banned like m233roller. :X3:
47 years old here, went in for a heart ct last week and came up with a horrible 368 out of 400 on calcium buildup in heart. my younger brother died at 38.

above 300 is heart attack within two years.
now on aspirin and statin. bp is always on low side of high.
keep on top of things at all ages.
great meds now days.
good luck chuck.
Mine is still not where it should be. Too high.
Headed to the dr next week to get something more effective.
Hope you are doing well Chuck.
Short story, Father died at 51.5 of massive heart attack. I am 56 this month. 11-19-2022 I thought I may be having a heart attack, went to local hospital and yes I was. Never had chest pain but left shoulder had been bothering me for months, headaches, shortness of breath. How they determined was Tropinin levels in blood. Had 02 procedures with two stents placed and doing better. Doctor said I had a heart attack several months previous with 99 percent blockage. MEN, do not be hardheaded, shoulder pain, headaches, shortness of breath, nausea, get checked out OR make sure your life insurance is up to date.
Good to hear you caught it in time!
I'm back to being my old "sweet self"!
BP is back on track.
A 20mg of Lisinopril with a water reducer, is it.
Seventy-two here Without meds wouldn't be here
Lisinopril-HCTZ 20-25mg Amlodipine Besylate 10mg Nebivolol 5mg
All to control blood pressure 120/60
Seventy-two here Without meds wouldn't be here
Lisinopril-HCTZ 20-25mg Amlodipine Besylate 10mg Nebivolol 5mg
All to control blood pressure 120/60
Mine is Lisinopril-HCTZ 20-25mg, only.
A daily 1-tab dose has the bp consistently @ 130's/mid 60's to lo 70's.
Keep an 👁️ on it!
And don't think that because you are a young person, this can't happen to you.
My 42yo bud has recently had a double bypass!:oops:
NOT overwt, never smoked, active all day, every day.
Like many use to be able to eat whatever I wanted & could just suck it in & fake it... Coming up on 49 my ears turn red if I just look at a bag of Doritos, doc wants me on meds but prefer the natural route so I start the day with 3 green tee bags in a large tumbler with raw honey & the juice from a lemon along with a banana & fish oil.. try not to eat past 5-6 pm not sure if it's working I should really take the sage advice above n monitor bp but def feeling better..
As a former professional athlete
I ate for performance
One of the things I would like to share with people is to try and eat as clean as you can.
Organic if you can,stay away from alot of salt,processed foods,and chemicals.
And stay active.
Fish oil thins the blood,
And good cholesterol actually is actually healthy.
Eat for your blood type