A different kind of kill.....


Just another pretty face....
Out for a ride in the GN this weekend enjoying the beautiful weather and low humidity the Low Country is finally having.
Come to an intersection in town and wait at the red light, a silver C6 Vette pulls up next to me on the right.
Nice car, hardtop w/ the HID driving lights on, his old lady in the seat next to him, and I notice him very obviously eyeballing my ride and probably noticing the hood mounted fuel gauge.
Light turns green and we are behind the cookie cutter cars and trucks on speed trap road, infront of the local Wally World --so I wouldnt have done anything if I was paid.
We are getting closer and closer to the mile long bridge that spans the Broad River and more and more cookie cutters are turning off or falling behind, as my pulse races to take a chunk outta this guys hide.
One last light before the bridge C6 man is just ahead and the light just goes from red to green.
Now, its just me an him.......and.......a SC state trooper!!!
The police car just made a u turn about a 1/3 of a mile ahead where the concrete divider ended.
These are the gray and silver SC state car with the low profile LED lights and its apparent Mr C6 vette hasnt noticed hime because he is increasing his speed well above the 55 limit. (I was going 60, and I am sure he was looking in his rear view mirrior instead of ahead of him; waiting to see what i was going to do) .
I maintained my composure and toddled my way accross the bridge as the gap between the GN and the C6 increased.
We finally clear the bridge and C6 is 1/8 mi infront of me SC's finest has one pickup truck pulled over on the side of the road and the trooper that hooked the U turn is sitting in the center median.
As soon as the C6 couple pass he gets behind them and clicks on his lights!:biggrin:
It takes C6 about 10 seconds to realize he is getting pulled over and has to go into the grass since there is only a 3 foot shoulder.:p
Ahh killed by the rearward facing RADAR, glad I was able to contribute my part.;) I couldnt help but toot my horn as I drove by.... what a dick I am.:D
I love it when you can beat them c6's just by being smart. Like not spending all that money to try to go fast. But some day i Will have a Z06.:biggrin: