A Few Pics...


Car Poor
Mar 14, 2005



Wow!! where did the factory window sticker go? that thing looks brand new!
Thanks guys!

Thanks Guys!Well, you all will be sad to know that the very night those were taken,It got tatood buy a shopping cart,down the drivers side rear quarter. :mad: :mad:

So i will have to get some work done to it now.... :frown: :(

As far as mods,it only has a cone filter,hooker exhaust,36# injectors and a postons flip chip.I have the following going on it,but not installed:

2800 stall
walbro 340
hot wire kit
gauges/gauge pods

Soon to buy:
shift kit
trans cooler
adjustable wastegate

Near future:

ported heads
small cam
61mm turbo
intercooler upgrade
roller rockers

This car only has 19,900 miles on it,i will not turn it into a dragstrip queen,but i want it to hold up the bad ass rep these cars have,just in case! :wink:
Dent Repair

Dang man, sorry about your luck, but you may be in luck! Where ever you are located, check and see if there is a Paintless Dent Repair guy in your area, you should be able to find one at a local dealership. If the dent isnt too deep or has any paint cracks, he should be able to remove it. My company is National Dent Inc, I'd help you out if you are close to Kansas City! Check to see if there is a Dent Doctor, Dent Wizard, or anyone like that.