A good cam and lifters for my set up


10's here i come
Jun 11, 2001
I need a new cam and lifters does any one know one good for my set up there is one for sale its a

crower hyd cam
#54242 adv. dur 242/250
lift .411
and comes with 1.6 rockers

Would this cam be good to use with my set up. Here are my mods.
ta 33
sperco intercooler
LT1 valve springs
40lb injectors
ram air kit
160 stat
87 rad
307 pump[ hot wired]
adj reg
some other things done

thanks guys
No. Go with a 206 Comp Cam with GM lifters and 980 valve springs. A 200 Lunati is also a good cam, but the 206 will breath better. The key is using GM lifters.
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i think youd be happy with the same cam thats in mine and you can get cam and lifters both for less than marked up junkatition cam
keep in mind im still getting 26-27 mpg on the road too..13..00's