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Everybody have a safe and fun Fathers day and remember to thank the dude who gave ya life.

Just thought Louie and I would drop a simple HFD to all!

Be careful, safe and ENJOY!!!
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WE4.....Mrs WE4 and of course LOUIE!!!!
I've been going back and forth with my ex wife (of some 20 plus years) about helping her sweet sixteen year old (the girl is not mine) get a car for her birthday....

I can help mom, big time, but mom wants the deal to go a specific way that I just cannot make happen.

So I'm left with the work around, as usual........ "Our" son, he knows I'll find a way to hook his sister up. He's just sitting back, sort of giggling, waiting to see what I will come up with. Sis will get
a cool ride, mom will be happy in the end, and our son will ask me, "How do you two still manage to somehow work stuff out for us kids, 20 years later, when you couldn't figure out how stay together way back when?"

My answer will be: "Because we love you kids, and that's what is most important."

This comedic song is for both sides of that weird "parent trap"............Says a lot on this fine Fathers Day weekend....

Sorry for the rant........ Happy Fathers Day to all!

Happy Father's day. Wish I could tell my Dad that one more time. Passed in 1995.