A little different application for a 3.8

That is really neat. A few questions since I was reading this on my break and just skimmed through the basics. Do you have a address for Kennedy and about how much HP will the VW transaxle handle? I would like some real world numbers please, no hypo-theoretical guessing. I have some 3.8's that I was thinking of putting in a sandrail or trike or kit car and now you got me thinking.......

Eric Fisher

Yup, you were skimmimg alright - perhaps even the dreaded "hypo-theoretical" type skimming....

All the links that I used on the project are near the end of the post.

Re the HP input. Well according to the folks at Long Enterprises, (who are not known for hypo-theoretical guessing ) the stock bus trans should take 200hp.

Your mileage and bearing life may vary.

Supposedly my stock 2bl 3.8 is generating only 110hp. That is according to the specs and not a dyno.

With the Megasquirt EFI and a turbo no doubt this number will go up substantially. However, the idea here is not for a rocket powered Kraut can, but rather a nice reliable camper with reasonable fuel economy that can get out of its own way when needed.

The stock trans will be replaced in spring with 4th and 3rd gear hightly changed. The final drive will be dropped also.

I am looking for about 2600 RPM @ 70 mph. As it stand currently, the stock trans is geared for 4300 RPM @ 70 mph. Nuts!

Hey save me a couple of those 3.8s!

Please review my signature below. I have been running a turbo 3.8 in my sandrail for 4 years now with no problems with either the engine or trans. My trans is a VW type 2 with a 002 case. The trans has been built with heavy duty parts. A well built type 2 trans will handle 300HP. After that you will have to go aftermaker and lots of $$$$$.

Kennedy makes adapters and clutches for just about any engine/trans combination. Check them out at www.kennedyeng.com/.

I am very well versed in the eng/trans combo I have in my sandrail. If anyone has any questions please feel free to email me. My next project long travel sandrail will have a 3.8 series II supercharged engine!!!!!!! I can't wait.

Good luck,

Thanks Mark and Trent. Funny thing happened yesterday, I am selling an 85 IROC and a guy calls and ask if I would trade for a dune buggy...Weird....Anyway had to pass on the deal because a buddy paid me cash for it. Eric

A friend of mine has a nice clean early '70 bug that would make a really nice Baja with a 3.8l:D

The wife would kill me:mad:

Great swap and writeup MAF, nice job.