A new car to TAI @ BG.


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Ok have a hybrid I wanted to run in TAI in BG. It runs in the 12s with the 84 Buick GN hot air motor. Have a Turbo 400 trans with a brake. Putting the new 9" Ford rear in this week. I made my own alky system . Has twiw 5 nozzles. Car really scoots along. Is the class still pusseyfootin on 1/8th mile or have they grown some balls to run the whole 1/4 mile. Need to know if I need 488 or 350 gears. Can I add a HUGE front mount being I don't have an intercooler now? Found one on Ebay.. Suppose to support 500HP !! Havent hit the magic 100mph yet but I am close. Will they let my car in or is it to fast for the class?