A update on the Auto-X that's been going on at the GS Nationals


Jun 10, 2001
In my opinion, even tho it was wet and rainy, it was a good day for the die hard ,tried and true Auto xer's who ran the first inaugural Auto-X course at the Buick GS Nationals: Bowling Green, Kentucky . Lots of track time and seat time for thos who showed up or wanted a ride along. Bill Howell of the American Streetcar Series, set the track up a little on the tight side to keep the speeds down ,since it was a wet track. I think the wet conditions and the raindrops kept some of the participants from running , but for those who did.... lots of smiles , and some fun rivalry already going on. There seems to be a pace vehicle of sorts that has been setting the course times, you figure it out when you see it..... Today's forecast seems to offer drier conditions so the track will dry out and those times will start coming down. It was great to hear the echos and sounds of Big Block Buicks and Turbo'ed V6 Buicks running the course... For those who came yesterday and ran a BIG THANK YOU!! Also wanted to put it out there if you got /or will have, pictures and even VIDEOS of yesterday's or today's runs , please share them or post them up somewhere , if ya can't PM me and I will give you my e-mail address to send them to. Again thanks
I had a blast :) Everyone was very nice . Bill did a great job and he was a definite help with tips on how to run the course faster and sharper. He also didn't yell at me for killing some cones and the little green flag guy.....Chris reed aka flag man did awesome at dealing with our hundreds of runs and early starts.
The rain actually taught me some things as well which we're helpful once the track dried off.

I can't tell you the exact number of people that did ride alongs in my car but it had to be 20 or higher at least. Everyone that rode in my car stated how much fun they had and how they didn't really know anything about the auto x prior to seeing us running Wednesday and Thursday.

Hopefully it will be a annual event.