Abnormally high spark advance?


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Installed the new 60lb'ers and corresponding TT chip for E85 in my daily driver 86 T. Also installed the new Powerlogger setup as well. I noticed on my 50 mile jaunt to work this morning at a solid 65MPH with cruise on, that my spark advance was bouncing between 36 and 45 degrees! I'm no expert, but this seems pretty high! In cruise, going up any incline during that trip...when building any boost over 5psi, the knock gauge on the power logger would start to creep up, I immediately kicked off the cruise, never letting it get past 2deg. I've yet to figure out how to post the Powerlogger saves, but will when I can.

BLM's if it helps were:

117 117 115 117
128 124 115 115
128 128 115 115
128 128 128 128

under light loads the timing can range from anywhere from mid 20's to low 50's

i have my timing @ 43-44 degrees in my fast system under light loads with a Air fuel ratio anywhere from 15.4-16.0 lean cruise.

does erics chip have the highway mode patch in them?
He made mention yesterday that any non E85 fuel left in the tank after the parts swap, may be causing some fits.........makes sense, as there was 5-7 gallons of 93 octane in the tank when I first filled with the ethanol.......I'll take it easy until I drive it out, then see how the knock scenario looks. My BLM's are still kinda wacky today.

Sooo, would my wideband ratio be different with the E85? Is there a correction factor to consider?