AC deleted what to do with harness?!

Absolutely. There isn't that much room between the motor and that firewall to begin with, and with that harness in a fixed position, getting a motor in and out would require you to really bend that harness. I almost touched the bulk head connector getting mine in, and that's only a inch long. I couldn't imagine snaking my harness through a firewall and then under a intake in the car. In my opinion you would be giving yourself grief this way. Don't mean to be the bearer of bad news, but there is too much going on back there to have it just come out of a grommet in that position.
That's alright, I appreciate your assessment. It's why I posted up and was inquiring where to come out at. I'll reassess and get a new game plan.
Keep in mind, your harness has also got to route to the fusebox under the Master cylinder in the engine compartment. If memory serves me correctly. Your ignition module also gets power from that as well as one of the sensors by the map sensor that controls your knock sensor. Your starter wires are also hinged in there from that same fusebox. Separating them in your situation to route that under the intake can be problematic. I have a distributor and don't use a coil pack so that made things a lot more easier for me.
Good reminders Mike. I appreciate that. I have the harness all laid out and have been eliminating unused plugs and cleaning up the harness in general as much as I can. I'm also going to an SD set up so am relocating sensors for that. (MAP becomes a transducer in back of intake and IAT is tapped there as well.)
Before thinking about taking the harness inside the car I thought about making a hard plastic channel and running that across the firewall delete plate. At least you won't see the harness. I am dipping my delete plate in carbon fiber and if I dip the hard channel too it will blend right in.
Things get a little more complicated on the firewall over by the brake booster but that's okay. I'll hide the wiring as best as I can.
Wanted to update the thread and show some progress pics. Coming along nicely.
Carbon Fiber dipped the AC delete plate which now matches my inner fenders. Relocating the ECM to the back inside with a custom bracket.
Built a channel to contain wiring. Cover for channel was also carbon dipped to hide it as much as possible. Top channel will get same cover over it. I'll post up a pic when all done.


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