Accel Gen 7 Buick V6 Complete PnP $375


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Jun 18, 2001
I have a complete PnP Accel Gen 7 with NTK WBO2 sensor, datalogger, adapter harness for factory wiring harness, V4.0 or newer Gen7 Prokey USB software cable $375

I also have a Racepak DFI comm cable to run a Racepak datalogger $150

A complete Dell Laptop with serial port and ALL software installed and working for the Accel and Racepak.

I also have and will provide copies of any Accel software needed including drivers. I can also provide base tune and help with using it


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The Gen 7 with the Buick adapter harness is sold. I have another complete set up without the adapter harness but planned to keep it for another project.
I have a DFI in my Turbo TA but have no way to communicate with it. I was thinking of changing to the FAST system. Any recommendations?
lets see f I cant help with the com issue first what are you missing or what is the issue?
Thanks I appreciate it! My name is Ed and I'm from the Philly area. I purchased a 1989 Turbo TA and it has a DFI in it. I don't have the comm cable or the software to plug into it. I'm a little familiar with the system since my shop used to work on Buicks years ago and we install a Buick motor in my then 1993 firebird. It's been years and the laptop I used back then and been gone for a long time. I would much rather upgrade so the car with make its own adjustments. Thanks for any help you can provide. My cell is 610-299-6393. If you can text me that would be great since I'm not always signed into the site. Thanks again