accel gen 7 datalogger problems


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May 25, 2001
It seems that a few people from accel read this site, i may get some response here. I have emailed them several times about my datalogger issuses on there website ,and if i call you just get a recording. The software has many flaws and should be fixed. So print it out and make some notes to who ever designed this thing to make some improvements to it.

1. When powering up the logger with ignition feed on , a pop up comes on the screen each time saying the ram memory is full and the data is corrput and will be deleted. Close the pop up and you can download the data, and its all there.

2.When graphing a log file the 1st time you open the file its works, the 2nd time the file comes up then closes instantly and shoots you back to the startup screen. You can;t open another log file until you exit datamap completely then reload the graph file.

3. The single channel datalogger is shown to have two outputs, but the wiring diagram only shows one output listed in the wire list? Where is the other output?

4. The wheel speed is shown incorrect. I have a 4 pulse/rev sensor, i have to keep the setting to 1 pulse/rev or the wheel speed data is way out. However the pulse count on the graph mode is showing 4 pulses on 1 rev of the driveshaft, hence its getting the signal proper from the sensor.

5. When adusting the mph limits on the dials, sometimes the scale is off and the display values are duplicate on the dials.

6. On the graph screen there is a section that shows file #, this section is greyed out and doesn;t do anything?

7. The absolute psi logging channel has a pull down menu that allows you to select bar,map, psi, 1,2, 3 bar. I have to keep changing the units to 3 bar psi map as they keep resetting them selves to 1 bar each time. Even though i save the log as a 3bar psi set up, it always comes up as a 1 bar when reloading the same log.

8. There are no instructions how to connect a ntk sensor to this unit as stated only a bosch sensor.
They have made a new version of the software. Issues described #1 have been resolved. All other issues are still present, I' can deal with the rest, as I'm scared to send it back and not see it for months.
That is for connecting a bosch sensor to an older ntk system. It is not for connecting a ntk sensor to the new 2.x firmware box that takes both sensors. The ntk sensor is more accurate from what i read about them on 30 psi boost setups.

I have tried the make default , but doesn'tt save the map sensor unit as psi 3 bar map, which i would like. I am going to give you a call and go through everything step by step on your setup. To see if its just my unit or others also.
I have seen trace logs with a NTK and Bosch WO2 (Dual WO2 setup on the same pipe right next to each other) and the sensors read out the same.

I'm not so easily convinced the NTK is worth the extra $$.