Accessory brackets for a on center TA block


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Oct 30, 2006
I have been looking for information on what to do if you want to use a TA on center- block on a street car.
From what I have seen you can't use the stock brackets. I can't believe I can't find anything on this. Yes I am aware of the items that are different that go on or in the engine itself. This will be a from scratch engine and couldn't see doing a off- center unless forced. At this point figuring out my options.
Thanks for any info.
You need a distributor gear spacer and a balancer spacer. The front cover will bolt on unmodified, and all stock accessories will bolt on. TA sells the dist gear spacer. They might sell the balancer spacer now.
I don’t get why ppl are scared of on center blocks . All that is needed as stated is the 2 1/8” spacers . They push out the cam sensor drive gear and the balancer . So u need the odd fire nose style of cam so you can space the cam sensor drive gear . But besides that everything will bolt up as a stock block would . I think if ppl knew it was as simple as 2 spacers they wouldn’t be so scared of runing a on center block .
Yep. Like you say once you realize it just takes a couple spacers and all is good. If you are planning on a complete new build, why not go on center. Seems to me to have advantages. Other than more bucks, and I am planning on spreading that out a little.
If anyone wants these I'm having some laser cut now for myself from 304 stainless and can increase the order.
My ignorance: What is an on center vs. not on center block? any pictures showing the differences?
I would be interested I'm gathering parts for a T/A block oncenter build

Having 3 more sets made this week.


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