Accumulator ball?


My 87 GN just started this. Each time I press the brake pedal the light on the dash comes on for a second. From what I've read and done a few checks everyone seems to think it's the accumulator ball. I see Kirbans has new ones that are a little different in size from original. Are there other vendors that sell original ones? Also do you think buying the one from Kirbans would in any way affect the value of the car negatively since it's not quite the same? The car has 16,000 miles on it.
There are no vendors selling new accumulators with the correct yellow silkscreening like the original. Kirban occasionally has used ones for sale though if you want to go that route. Personally, I would go with the new accumulator Kirban sells as I don't think any have failed so far. As finicky as the PM is to begin with its one less thing to worry about. If you went with a used factory original one chances of experiencing another accumulator failure would increase. With the mods you already have on your car it is not a factory original museum piece anyway so an aftermarket accumulator will not negatively affect the value any more than those other mods you have, imo.

More importantly, once you get your powermaster issues straightened out be sure to change the fluid at least once a year.
I think they do lose some pressure over time even just sitting around. I think it's because the molecules leak out
through the microscopic pores in the rubber bladder and the steel housing. That said, when I park both my cars,
since I take them out only occasionally, I tap the brake pedal to release all the pressure. My theory is the less pressure
I have in the ball, the slower it will leak out. I also bought a spare factory ball, with yellow label, in Sept of 2001
and stored it in my freezer. I last checked it's resting pressure in October 2014 and it was at 300 psi.
I kept it in the freezer thinking it would lower the pressure in the ball because of reduced temperature and therefore
it would not lose too much pressure. I put it back in the freezer after testing where it sits today.
Clean fluid is your friend, especially with Power Masters! What I like to do is if the fluid is discolored or you see any signs of grit, I suction out the reservoir ever so often and replace with new fluid. Just make sure your system is depressurized.

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