Acura gets what the Dr ordered



On my way home tonight, there was a red Acura POS (with an HKS sticker) in front of me for about 4 blocks. He kept checking his mirror and reving the little fart machine like every 8 seconds. His buddy kept looking back. I guess they couldn't tell exactly what the car was behind them except for the bulge in the hood. There was finally a break in traffic and I got to pull along side them at 35mph. I still had the shifter in 2nd in case they tried to outrun me and right when I got even with them, he stood on it and sounded like he downshifted one gear (2nd?). I slowly pushed the go pedal down and just pulled on them ever so slowly. I checked the boost guage and at about 8psi I finally stood on it and let it rip. I made about 12 cars on them in about 4 seconds. As I checked the mirror, there was lots of blue smoke coming from the back of his car. I gave them a wave out the window when I let off and they gave me the finger.:rolleyes: I guess they know better than to mess with the Dr Pepper car now. I hope they tell their friends.;) Too bad I wasn't driving the GN today. :D

By the way, my Dr Pepper car has only an 8" K&N w/cold air kit, 237 regulator, JL chip, hotwired pump, and 265/50/15's. It is an 84 T Type with 134,xxx miles.