boost junky
I went out last night to run the buick as I just installed my scanmaster and here is my question at wot what is considered to be safe or expected? here is how the run went I launched at 2lbs of boost no knock from 1st to 2nd went from 2nd to third and got 3.2 deg of knock during shift then went away and then at WOT with pedal to the floor I got a high knock of 4.5 deg then it came down to 2.6 and that is where it stayed until I let off the gas at over 120mph..any help is appreciated combo is my sig..except the donuts :D that is for someone who keeps avoiding me..he knows who he is...thanks in advance...
Turn the fuel pressure up 1 or 2 psi...

You have very little to worry about if the knock dissapears during the runs, since yours is staying at a consistant knock retard, turn up the fuel, or lower the boost, or increase the octane,or lighten the car, or make sure its hotter out,or lower the timing..
Just turn the fuel pressure up :)

heres some tips

Is it only knocking when it shifts gears then quits knocking? One thing to check is that none of the components under your hood are hitting any thing under hard acceleration. I have seen exhaust down pipes set of the audible knock detector. When the car accelerates the pipes hits the floorboard or trans mission cross member and stays there, the car shifts, the pipe drops a smidge, then smacks the floor again, each time the knock sensor picks up this noise it retards the timing. I would review every thing and make sure there is no chance anything could be rubbing.

When I used a scanmaster I tuned for 800 to 810 milavolts on the street at wot. 800 is the lean side 810 is the fat fuel side.

At the track I would target 800 and go as lean as 750 through the traps. I was only running 42.5 # injectors, I think I could of done better if I had bigger injectors.

P.S. when the scanmaster starts displaying the changes in O2 milavolts slowly the O2 sensor is taking a dump. Leaded race gas kills them fast.

What fuel pressure are you running right now, and octane fuel?
cool thanks for the info but when you say add more fuel I get a higher knock reading when I take out fuel via the maf translator and add alky its knock is like 1.6 1.9 also I wondered if a chip cut for alky would be a considerable difference..Its coming soon from turbo tweak...