aftermarket e bay waste gate actuators

xjet tech

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Apr 17, 2016
any one tried an actuator from e bay ?they list universal adjustable part for garret turbos.
There's no way to have a unniversal actuator (that will work in all cases). You have to know the distance between the mounting area and the puck arm. That will vary car to car.
I've got one in the garage. I'll snap a pic of it later
since the aftermarket actuator arm and pressure is adjustable,it would seem that the measurement compared to the stock actuator as a model would be easy to duplicate.I was wondering if any one had tried it.
Its also the angle of attack. Not to mention if the 'universal' one is 2 inches too long and the end only has 1/2" of adjustment before bottoming out, it's not quite so universal.

If you just have to have something cheap that may or may not work, just cut the stock wastegate, thread the rod and get a coupling nut from the hardware store.

or just stick a manual boost controller on the wastegate hose and be down with it.
I agree with earl,stay away from universal actuator to many variables . You should be able to find a OEM one on the board. If you don't take the one 20psiofevil has, PM me I have one somewhere in the garage .