Aftermarket header panels


My sleep apnea is winning
After losing out on 4 different header panels for sale (always was late to the buffett), i am probably going to buy an ebay part. I found them at : Derby auto parts at $115 and MCHP for $159. They say there are no fitment issues...does anybody know if theyre to be avoided? It sounds too good to be true.
I put one on my car back in 2005 it fit well and it was aftermarket but my problem was/is it has the holes for hood ornament I left the holes alone when I painted car that way i cant mistake my car LOL
Well Nick, if the panel on your car isnt twisting into two with those launches, they must be good!
I am trying to see if they all have the ornament hole. Only 1 soarce looks like it may not. Most places have foreign fone contacts, and pics are so little , i cant see if hole is there. I wonder if they all are from same soarce.
There probably isn't too many companies making a fiberglass part for a 25+ year old car. Alot of the ones I've read about have fitment issues not wanting to mate up good with the fenders and/or having problems in the headlight bezel area. Good luck & let us know how it turns out for you.
I see that there is a new one being offerd for $335 from Danko reproductions in Miami, so the price range is now $150 to $335. There seems to be 3 or 4 soarces and i dont know if smoe are the same. Also, all have the ornament hole.
I kinda got the feeling that paying more may be the best idea...just no way to vet these things. One thing for sure, it looks like a hood ornament is in my future.