Aftermarket headlight bezels

I replaced a headlight on a friends '97 Firebird (v6) and that car had the same bezels that the Buick has, plain stainless, if that helps you any.

For my car I bought a few nice used one's from a board member and had them powdercoated black. They came out great.

Years ago, I bought a set from Kirban. I don't know if he still has them but it's worth asking. They add a sublte sinister look to the front of the car. Paul


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i also got a set from kirbans years ago. very nice piece and well worth the price
thank for the update. i got mine from them along time back and havent seen there lastest and greatest catalog so im not sure what they still have.
Brian at G Body Parts is working with one of the members off of this board I believe it is SVORay to make reproduction headlight bezels, tailight bezels, as well as the all black 87 grill. They had mentioned it a few months back so hopfully soon they will have them ready.