Air Conditioner Blending Door - Lever broken...

Hey guys. I have a question concerning the HVAC system of the G-body.

I was given a 1980 Olds Cutlass Supreme Coupe (100% stock, elderly lady's car). It runs and drives and the only thing I've done is free up the advance in the distributor; and change the A/C dryer and charge it with R152A.

This week when I was going to drive it, the warm/cool lever stopped working. The heat blending door stays in the HOT postion.

Under the dash, I found a broken plastic lever that joins the cable (from the control lever) to the metal rod actuating the blending door.

Has anyone fought (and won) this battle; and if so where did you locate a new part for this? I can post a picture if needed.

Thanks in advance,

I would like to support Kirban if possible. I didn't see the part on his website, however I will e-mail them and not give up yet. Next comes eBay.