Air Temperature inside the Upper Plenum


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Apr 21, 2005
Is anyone running a stock turbo with a good front mount intercooler, like a PT&E. What air temperatures are you reading in the upper plenum at 15 - 20 lbs of boost? I'm using a stock air temperature sensor in the upper plenum to feed an XFI, and the temperatures I'm seeing are under 100 degrees, which sounds very low, and maybe I need a new sensor.
It is possible to have temps below 100* with a good intercooler and outside temps low enough to allow the intercooler to cool the air properly.
Ive got my IAT sensor mounted in the upper plenum min my street car.With alky and Mease 24 row stock location,at the end of a 1/4 mile pull,im at about 10* below ambient temps.Thats on a 90* day.
I'm curious...what IAT's are you getting with the alcohol turned off? I have a CAS V-1 FMIC, 62 turbo, Champion iron heads, and IC inlet/out temp gauge. I see 200 deg F outlet temps under boost. Don't know if that is unusual or not. No alcohol.
This is a run in the quarter at 118 mph. The boost maxed out at 17psi. This is without alky. You can see the air temp started out in the low 70's and ended in the 90's. The outside temp that day was about 55-60*.

Impressive! Thanks for sharing the graphs with me.