Alarm system

I know this isn’t audio, but didn’t know where else to post. Just bought a GN that has a Code Alarm system installed. I don’t have remotes for it, and just want to uninstall it. Is this something best left to a professional? The wiring under the steering wheel looks like a mess

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Depends on what you mean by professionals, research the shop before you take it to them, do they have someone who can read wiring diagrams and troubleshoot, because you could be opening a can of worms. I am very lucky that I have a shop that does high end custom work at my disposal, combined, the guys have close to 80 years of experience and work on anything from a Saturn to Ferraris, and can fix anything audio, alarm and chase and fix wiring Gremlins.
Be prepared with diagrams for them and do your research on the shop before they go Into the rats nest of wires.
I have installed and uninstalled alarms before. Just get a manual and reverse engineer. Anything like a starter interrupt you will have to splice wires back together. Just go to the alarm brain and trace it out and cut. Won’t take you long. Just make sure you tape up any wires that have insulation stripped off. Good luck

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Depends how good you are with wires.

When it comes to alarms, there is no such thing as a "professional". They are all butchers.