All Buick event at NED June 21

Night Train

Mar 19, 2002
I'm posting this for the folks at Razorback Racing. Note: You don't have to travel a long way to get a GREAT purse and EVERYONE has a chance to win some cash! Please go to their site for more info.

The Race is On!

Information on the event can be found on and the following can be downloaded: Racing Application; Purse/Rules; Sponsor Information for Razorback Racing Buick Shootout on June 21, 2008 at New England Dragway.

As you will note the $2,000. purse is based on a 32-car field and is dispersed to give everyone a fair chance at winning prize money, with a Pro Stock Ladder format.

We are really excited about bringing the Buick community back into the racing arena by promoting this event. It's time that Buick's made their mark again at the to make this happen, we need you all to get your application in, tell your Buick friends and remember, as long as they have either a Buick or a car with a Buick motor they qualify for the "all Buick event"!

Bring your cars, bring your appetite and bring your friends!

Looking forward to hearing from all of you and meeting you at New England!

Keep on racing,

Lorraine Garvey, Event Manager on June 21, 2008
Add to your Calendar!

So, who plans on going to this? I know of a few of us from NEBRA, but just wondering how many others. This should be a great event. Jerry, Lorraine and crew have put a bunch of time into it, and it'll be real nice to get us a local event again. Well, local for us New Englanders. If he gets the kind of attendance that he is hoping, then the payouts should be real good too.
Also, I talked with Jerry the other day and he told me that he just had T-shirts made up for all participants, and he'll be feeding us all too. Now that is what I call a great event. Buicks Racing and Food.

I'm going to try. My son graduates high school on the 20th. That could be a stumbling block.

But I would like to see everone again.
I will not be going. My Sons graduation party got moved to Saturday.
Sweet, this is the first I've heard of this. From what I see though, there are chances of rain Sat. If it's not raining I'll probably be there...