Alltel Sucks


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Dec 7, 2002
I have been with them over 2 years, well my phone broke. I went in to get a new one and they want $529 for a Blackberry because I wont re-up my contract.

I have 0 plans to leave them as of now but just don't want a new 2 year commitment for some reasons that I have in the works....

Anybody know where I can get an Alltel phone, and get it activated to replace this one. The young man said if i had an old Alltel phone he could activate it for $25.


Alltel blows

They have been bought by verizon aka hitler.

I went through phone after phone. LG, Samsung, etc. I have never had more call drops before. All they want is your money and for you to just be quiet. It is all a scam. $$$$$$$$$$

Searching for another service provider as when my contract is up I know they are going to bone me on the price increase.
That's the way it is everywhere,

Stores have absolutely no incentive to give you a phone that costs them $400 for $100, without the contract.

I've worked for AT&T for 7yrs.. left to manage my own franchise store for the last 3.. you're not the first person to say that. And the above is what I tell them. Stores/employees get paid on CONTRACTS.. you're asking them to give you a phone that'll net them nothing... removing one from inventory that they could sell for something to someone else.

Your best bet is to plead your case directly with Customer Service. IF there's a way to get a phone cheap, with no contract.. those guys will be the ones who don't give a crap enough to do it. I've seen it done with AT&T... Rarely, but still been done.

Good luck,
should be able to find something on evil bay

Yeah ebay it...

I hate that crap too but I wouldn't give away a black berry either w/o a contract:biggrin:

I don't but I have a friend that keeps the insurance on his. He drops it in the water about once a year gets a new phone and hasn't signed a new contract in a long time... I don't do ins scams but it does work...
Madcat and Shane are right. You can hardly blame them for not selling you a $450 phone for $100 just cuz you want an expensive phone for a cheap price. People for some reason get used to thinking phones are dirt cheap but forget that the reason is because they're on contract and can afford to take the huge loss, and spread it over the term.
I've worked for Verizon for several years now (until a few weeks ago) and there's no difference no matter what carrier you're with. If you were with verizon I could sell you a good phone for cheap. I still have a few left that I built while there.
alltel does suck big time. They bought out my old company about a year ago and I’ve had nothing but trouble. I’ve called several times and spoke with them regarding the number of dropped calls I get on a daily basis. It’s embarrassing when I’m trying to run business calls with the phone and constant disconnects. I can only hope I can only hope verizon will be better.
Well that brings some light on the situation then, I figured the profit margin on cell phones was like furniture or jewelry etc.

My bad, I guess I will just buy a razor or something untill mid summer when we see how this Verizon/Alltel merger/buyout whatever it is shakes out.

Yeah they aren't as cheap as I once thought either.... Find one you like on line and then google the model #, ebay should come up and a few other sites. They are as cheap as you can possibly find them!
Looks right, just note this...

ESN is clear and ready to activate
Phone is from factory overstock & may contain minor cosmetic flaws.

For that price who cares if it is scratched;)

Ya, like that. But not exactly a model I would recommend. It's weak points: crappy battery life, runs Windows mobile.

good points: well, it's attractive.

I wouldn't recommend a smart phone to anyone that actually doesn't need one. You're going to get hit with pretty hefty mandatory data package prices on top of your phone plan. If you have a business you can run from it fine, you'll have a deduction for at least some of your expenses.
Just to have one because it's "in" to carry a smart phone isn't well.... smart.
I'm with T. Mobile:

I lost my Black Berry. I called to get it replaced and they said the same thing.

I've been with them for 7yrs. I said ok I'll just go ahead and sign up with a new
carrier and get a smoking deal on a new model BlkBerry and maybe a better plan rather then pay full price on an older model. They then told my to
hold.... Well someone talked with someone and the phone ended up being free. ;)
U can have my

alltell flip phone if u want it. It is a samsung and it does work. even has the plug in wallcharger. not a blackberry though
My wife has a windows mobile smart phone and I'll take my blackberry.

Anyone need a cradel charger and case for an 8800? Company has switched to AT&T and are getting us new ones.
Good luck with that. Let me know how that works out for ya.

Had AT&T up to a couple of years ago and it worked OK got tired of paying the bills and getting reimbursed so I went with the company plan T-mobile which actually worked better. My T-mobile BB worked on AT&T's network.