Almost done... help ID wires/connectors


Dec 27, 2016
Getting closer to firing it up, but there are a few connectors I can't identify from my original pictures, and radius test isn't getting me anywhere.

1. This comes out of the pigtail behind the engine block under the ignition coil block. Shares pigtail with injector harness and coil harness.

2. Harness directly behind alternator. Two connectors, one green, one black Wires are too short to plug into anything except alternator, but two alternator wires already attached. Look like they could connect to each other (but then there would be no reason to be disconnected them).

3. This comes out of the wiring harness directly in front of the power steering reservoir that is roughly in line with the AC lines. Two connectors, one round, one rectangular, both two pin.

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Just from a glance, pigtail 1 looks to be for the EGR solenoid,
Pigtails 2, I'm not sure if those are used.
Both pigtail's 3 looks to be for the AC compressor.
1 is egr sel
2 green connector is tach
Grey wire black connector fuel pump
Both are service wires for test purposes do not hook these together
3 is bottom of ac compressor flat plug
Round plug back of ac compressor
Thanks guys. Really helpful. Quick follow up.

1) EGR Plug: I pulled the EGR valve and put in a block off plate. (Makes sense now considering the location.) Can I just wrap this plug up, tuck it away? Does it require special consideration?

2) Service Ports: Wrap and tuck away.

3) Compressor Plugs: Please tell me I can get to these without having to remove the compressor again.